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Useful Window Tips
Welcome to our Tips Section. We hope you find our suggestions helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Choosing the Right Service Company

Choosing the right service company may require some extra time initially. It's well worth it however, since the cost of choosing the wrong company can be enormous. Many services must be done correctly and safely. If done incorrectly, it can expose you and your home or business to a great deal of liability.
Make an Educated Decision!
  1. Ask them for a copy of their certificate of insurance.
  2. Ask them for a written estimate.
  3. Ask them for references. 
Are You Selling Your Home?

According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website and published in the June, 2003 issue of Money magazine (page 106), washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price.

Exterior house washing is also on of the top presale improvements for selling your home. Contact us today for more information.

Fabricating Debris

Some heat treated glass surfaces have fabricating debris defects on the surface, including microscopic glass particles, which become fused to glass as it rolls through some tempering ovens. This fabricating debris is a quality control problem that is the result of debris on the rollers of tempering ovens. Fabricating debris will be found on the roller side of the glass.

Why is that a problem?

Fabricating debris, if present, becomes a problem when the property owner, clean-up crew or professional window cleaner uses a window cleaning scraper or razor blade. Though these defects are invisible to the naked eye, abrasive fabricating debris can be trapped by a moving scraper, causing scratches to appear.

Fabricating Debris MagnifiedClearly these scratches (shown magnified) on heat treated glass did not occur until a scraper encountered a fabricating debris defect on the surface of the glass. Look closely and you can see that some  of these defects have caused more than one scratch to appear.                    Photo: Fields Const. Services, Inc

So if fabricating debris is present on your windows, no one, including your window cleaners, will never be able to use a window cleaning scraper to remove paint, tape, caulk or any other objects from that batch of low-quality heat treated glass without scratching.

Q. Do metal scrapers or razor blades scratch glass?                                                                                           A. No. Metal scrapers and razor blades alone will not scratch glass.

More info about Fabricating Debris can be found at:

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Dual Paned Window Failure


It is a well-known fact that dual paned windows are of significant value in reducing energy loss and offers other benefits such as lower energy consumption, perfect transparency through the reduction of the condensation on the warm air side of the window and the possibility of using larger window areas without increasing energy consumption. However, when this type of window breaks down, most of its characteristics are compromised.

Dual Paned WindowIn addition to holding the window together, the function of the sealant used to hermetically close the IG (Insulated Glass) window also prevents the transfer of moisture. Condensation forming between the glass panes is usually the first sign that the edge seal is losing its integrity. There are several other signs of IG window failure, such as a foggy appearance, the appearance of the moisture on the window, etc. A seal failure also leads to the loss of gas fill (if the window contains an argon or krypton gas fill) and the deterioration of low-e coatings.

There are number of reason why the seal in a dual paned window might break down. This failure can occur both during manufacturing or when the window is fitted into the frame. The most common causes are poor spacer corner or spacer joint construction, failure of the structural seal due to aging, incompatibility of glazing materials with the insulating glass sealants, extreme environmental conditions, poor quality control, etc.

The Sealed Insulated Glass Manufacturers Association estimates that as many as 1 percent of sealed units fail before the warranty period. Estimates run even higher when insulated windows aren't manufactured under optimum circumstances.

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Window Screens


Screening is constructed of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns, plastic tabs and often plastic corners.
Window ScreenUnder the best conditions window screens can be expected to last 5 to 10 years. Your results may vary due to the actual conditions your material is exposed to. Screens that are in direct sunlight will have the vinyl coating deteriorate much faster than screens that are in the shade. Screens that are outside in a dry climate are not expected to last as long as screens on the interior side of the window.

As the vinyl coating on the screen mesh deteriorates the fiberglass yarns become visible and the screen appears grayish. Sooner or later plastic corners and tabs become brittle and can break quite easily as they become weathered.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of window screens is suggested.

Even with proper care and maintenance window screens often need replacement as they are not able to withstand the heat and the suns UV rays that deteriorate screen mesh, plastic tabs and plastic corners.

CAUTION: The only intended use of a window screen is to reasonably stop insects from entering a covered opening. Screens will not stop persons, children, animals, or the like from falling out of or entering through the window screen.

Contact us TODAY to have your screens replaced.

Cleaning with Purified Water

21st century window cleaning technology

The Purification Process

PacifiClear Window Cleaning Laguna BeachAll particles in water have either a positive or negative charge and, with a de-ionization tank, which is a mixed bed of resins with positive and negative charged resin beads that cause these ions to attract, the particles are removed from the water source. The result is water that is 99.999% pure. With this ultra pure water (DI) your window dries spotless.

The Cleaning Process

The purified water runs through a hose to a telescoping pole, often referred to as a water-fed-pole, with a brush on the end. As the brush scrubs the window dirt is washed away and a final rinse leaves only the pure water on the glass, which dries spot free.

The technician works from the safety of the ground using the telescoping pole to reach upper windows. Since the technician is on the ground, not on a ladder, it creates a much safer working environment around your home or office.

A water-fed-pole cleans the windows, frames, and sills, as well as rinses out the exterior window tracks when they are present. That’s why you can be confident that pure water cleaning with a water-fed-pole is the safest, most efficient way to clean windows without exception.

Cleaning with Purified Water

• Cleans Better • Cleans Safer • Cleans More

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Hard Water Deposits


Glass staining is caused by a chemical change, mineral deposits or degradation of the surface. In some cases it may evolve into a severely damaged glass surface.

Hard Water Deposits Magnified

Hard water deposits on the surface (shown magnified) and corrosion of the glass surface can be perceived as cloudiness or hazing. This cloudiness occurs because the light is refracted irregularly as it passes through the hazed glass.  

Window glass is abused almost every day.  Lime run-off from stucco, hard water deposits from sprinklers, the deposits of brick, concrete and mortar and corrosive cleaning chemicals can haze the glass surfaces on thousands of homes and building windows daily! Whether it is from the build-up of mineral deposits or the etching of the glass by corrosive chemicals, the result is the same, optical distortion, hazing and clouding!  Over a period of time, the glass can distort to the point where someone can no longer see through the glass or the glass becomes so clouded that even sunlight is greatly filtered and diffused.

Of the total dissolved solids typically found in hard water, the most common of concerns are calcium and magnesium. Typically these glass stains can be removed successfully. However, hard water deposits from dissolved silicates or glass that is etched from chemicals are difficult to remove. Some stains can’t be removed and glass replacement is necessary.

Q. What causes most hard water spots?                A. Sprinklers. Adjust sprinklers so they don't spray your windows. This is the main cause of hard water stains.


.Contact us TODAY to have your hard water spots removed and your windows restored.


Window Tint


Window films are of significant value in reducing heat transfer and offer other benefits such as lower energy consumption. Window tinting also offers significant fade protection for furniture, carpet, draperies, wood, etc. through the reduction of ultraviolet light.

Window TintingWindows with film applied are easily cleaned without damage to their appearance as long as a few common sense guidelines are followed. The recommendation of The International Window Film Association is to use mild soap, a clean soft cloth for cleaning the film and a clean soft cloth or squeegee for drying the film.

Professional window cleaners utilize tools recognized as safe to be used cleaning window films. Professional window cleaners work on window films regularly and use soft applicators, squeegees and mild soaps formulated to clean windows with or without window film.

When Cleaning Window Tinting:

Do not use any household glass cleaner containing ammonia or alcohol to clean the window film; such cleaners can damage the window film.   Do not get paint on the window film; paint can not be safely removed from window film. Do not allow food and water spots to accumulate on the window film by sinks and showers; this can damage the window film. Do not use abrasive pads to clean film.

Does your window tinting need to be replaced?
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My Promise

Our quality service commitment is to completely understand the expectations of our customers and to consistently meet, or exceed, those expectations.

If you are not completely satisfied with the services we provide you will not pay a penny until we have completed the job to your satisfaction.

That is my promise.”

Troy Liposec

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